The new urban sidewalk is green

Seattle's South Lake Union District is a great example of how green streets can not only be sustainable but create a pleasant environment for pedestrians in a dense urban setting. South Lake Union has been undergoing a transformation from a primarily light industrial to a mixed-use district with an emphasis on life sciences. Biomedical companies and research centers as well as the South Lake Union Campus of the University of Washington School of Medicine form a hub along a new streetcar line with some older buildings remaining. New retail, residential, and office uses continue to attract more people to the neighborhood.

The redesigned streets include rain gardens, bike parking, seating areas, public art, different pavement materials, and in some sections, back-in diagonal parking. New public spaces that connect to the streets complete the public realm. The key to this diverse and pedestrian-friendly streetscape are generous sidewalk dimensions and narrow travel lanes interspersed with different street parking configurations. One of the undeniable benefits of Seattle's location in the Pacific North Wet is a lush landscape - which will make these streets even better with age.