Subway Architecture

I've been working on two transit related projects, lately. (Thanks to the hope of Stimulus money). One of the biggest questions facing the cities that transit resides in, is whether to go underground or above ground. The forces of the economy seem to suggest that above ground options are more feasible. However, underground means that the experience of the city, at-ground-level, is more continuous and human scaled.

The options are often to put the tracks side by side with the other uses intended to benefit or support the station, which is so often because program is allocated in plan. If we think vertically, there is the possibility of more connection within a smaller footprint.

The upcoming San Francisco Transbay Terminal is one of my favorite upcoming examples of how this can be achieved.

Cross Section of the Transit Center at the Grand Hall

I also checked Designboom and there I found some wonderful images of underground stations throughout the world that can serve as inspiration for thinking more vertically.