Film Collage for Europan 08 Workshop

Another experiment with a short film collage that I prepared during a workshop in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, to add a little fun to the project presentation. The City of Dordrecht, located just outside of Rotterdam, invited the winners of the Europan 08 competition to participate in a three-day workshop and develop a concept for an industrial area that is at risk of flooding, particularly in the future due to climate change. The teams consisted of participants from all over the world who had never met before and who faced the challenge of producing ideas quickly and presenting them several times to a large audience that included local architects, city staff, council members, and the public. 


Overshadowing the positive outcomes of the workshop were the fact that the Dutch Oranje Team sadly didn't win the world cup. Italy earned this honor in for the first time in 24 years after a dramatic game that included the famous head-butt by French star player Zidane against Italian player Materazzi, repeated over and over in slow motion by the broadcast networks. Sometimes there are just more important things than urban design.