North San José Urban Design Guidelines

The North San José Urban Design Guidelines provide a development strategy and urban design guidelines for short- and long-term guidance to both future private and public development in North San José. The urban design guidelines will be an important part of the Implementation Strategy for the North San José Area Development Policy, which envisions the transformation of this historically low-density industrial park area into an urban,transit-oriented, and livable district. As the capital of Silicon Valley, the City of San José aims to attract and retain high-tech, innovation, and research companies in this 2,500-acre area and create 80,000 new jobs over time.

The North San José Urban Design Guidelines are a significant document with input from many stakeholders, including multiple City Agencies and a task force comprised of residents and developers that was specifically formed for this planning effort and met on regular basis.  The inclusion of input from the various community and stakeholder groups has been an essential component of defining the general tone, direction and ambition of this document, as well as its practicality for the project planning and application process.

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Client: City of San José

Frank Fuller, Jane Lin, and Heidi Sokolowsky with Field Paoli Architects