Light the path!

I like this treatment of a bridge, which can be found at Whistler. Whistler is famous for being a walkable ski-resort. It was a refreshing change from experiences in Tahoe, which is a nightmare of traffic and driving long distances. The walkable enchantment along the many paths is created by carefully planned retail and high rises of visitor's lodgings close to the main paths. The planners understood what it was like to walk around in ski boots and carefully separated the cars from pedestrians/skiers. Public art is everywhere, such as the lighting of the bridge in the photo above. The lights slowly change colors from red to green to blue - programmed LEDs I would venture to guess. It is a lovely contrast to the white snow or dark sky that sets a context for the bridge.

This illustated map shows the bridge along the Fitzimmons Trail that connects the base of Blackcomb with the Whistler village and base of Whistler Mountain across the across the Fitzimmons Creek and parking lots. We visited the week before the 2014 ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) Whistler Conference. What a great back drop for a conference!! Hopefully the conference helped to strengthen the value of a walkable environment to shopping center developers, leasing agents, and local governments.