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The Beaverton ULI TAP

Over two days in Febuary, Frank Fuller, partner at Urban Field Studio, joined a Technical Assistance Panel, also known as a TAP, organized by the Northwest district council of the Urban Land Institute in the City of Beaverton, Oregon. The TAP panel met with the Mayor of Beaverton Dennis Doyle, City Council Members and City Staff to discuss strategies for the future of the downtown.

Beaverton is the sixth-largest city in Oregon and seven miles west of downtown Portland in the Tualatin River Valley. The larger downtown core area of Beaverton is at a crossroads. It is divided by several major roads and a heavy rail line that divides into two districts: Creekside and Old Town. Beaverton is a small town that is developing a pedestrian-friendly center. It is changing and embracing the values of authenticity, walkability, and sustainability as the identity and character of the town. Strategic improvements are needed to support and reinforce the walkability of the town.

The ULI TAP team toured the area, interviewed stakeholders, and together, made a set of recommendations as part of a workshop meeting format. The panel included economists, architects, transportation planners, and urban planners both local and visiting.

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