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New Tools for Civic Engagement

Dots on a Map - New Tools for Civic Engagement from Urban Field Studio

This video was created by Urban Field Studio as an intro piece for the panel discussion "New Tools to Re-invent Civic Engagement" as part of the San Francisco Urban Film Fest, Nov 6-9, 2014. It shows examples of typical workshops and alternative approaches such as on-site workshops, walking tours, and illustration of design ideas through film.

This is a montage that begins our panel discussion about new tools for civic engagement. Despite the major effort going into the public process, most ideas and “visions” are quickly forgotten and never become a reality. Given the technology available to us, what are our options? Are there better tools or processes to engage people in local planning? How can we better use digital footage?

For this panel we invited a planner, a documentary filmmaker, a workshop artist, and a user experience designer to come talk about the possibilities for making the next public project more inclusive, inviting, and meaningful. This panel was held on November 6, 2014 at the SF Urban Film Festival in San Francisco.

Our panelists were:

  • Ilaria Salvadori, City of San Francisco Planning Department City Design Group
  • Ken Fisher, documentary film maker and co-founder of StoryCode SF
  • James Rojas, founder of Place It!
  • Aditi Rao service designer for Wells Fargo and urban designer

Heidi Sokolowsky and Jane Lin of Urban Field Studio lead the panel and moderated discussion.

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