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Teaching Community Engagement at the Bauhaus Summer School

In August 2019, Heidi Sokolowsky from Urban Field Studio ventured out internationally to teach a course about Community Engagement at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, together with her colleague Maren Mögel. 14 students and practioners from 11 different countries participated in the course “Community Engagement in Urbanism and Architecture” as part of the Bauhaus Summer School. For 2 weeks, the students worked together to learn about methods and tools in community engagement, prepared an on-site public workshop, and used public comments to develop ideas and recommendations for the programming of the recently opened Stéphane-Hessel-Plaza, located in front of the new Bauhaus Museum in Weimar. Set up as collaboration with the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, which runs the museum, the course was a great opportunity for the students to work on a real task and interact with the public and stakeholders. They produced this fun video that illustrates their work, in addition to a report, which was presented at the open studios at the end of the Summer School. It also happened to be the 100-year anniversary of the Bauhaus with a lot of amazing cultural and arts events all over town. There was no shortage of great discussions, coffee, and amazing experiences. A big thank you goes out to the guest lecturers Dirk Bonnkirch, Peter Lauterborn, Ingo Quaas, and Sophie Högl, the Summer School organizers Julia Rosenbusch, Laura Boeger and team, and our partners at the Klassikstiftung, Maxie Götze and Georg Gräser.