What do we see in the field? Below are a collection of articles, videos, curiosities, and observations of cities and its people.


Protected Bike Lanes

My bicycle is my main mode of transportation to get around in the city. I encountered the pictured situation four times within 10 minutes of riding on the same street (I didn't take a photo of the 4th truck), which is very typical on a mid-day ride:

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Opening of Public Parking Garage in Morgan Hill

At the end of June, on a balmy summer night, a new public parking garage in Downtown Morgan Hill opened with a great fanfare on 3rd Street. The City of Morgan Hill hired Urban Field Studio as consultants on the design of the garage, the signage, and the integration of public art. 

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Liz Lessig
New Year, New Partner

Happy New Year from Urban Field Studio! We have high hopes for 2015 as we enter our second year in business, and it will be even better with the addition of Frank Fuller as our new partner. We are looking forward to a year full of creative collaboration (cue the confetti!)

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