urban field is an Urban Design studio

We work at the crossroads of architecture, planning, economics, short- and long-term strategy, environmental and social responsibility. We bring all aspects together and translate them into physical spaces.



What is possible in your community?
Urban Field Studio can help you figure that out.

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What does future development look like?
How do we get there?

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What is the best this place could be?

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Does it fit?



See new potential, listen to each other, and discover better places.



Good design needs to be nurtured at every step



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We are urban designers, architects, and educators. Our mission is to create better places for people through urban design.

We love to guide productive discussions, create and illustrate ideas, and use visual tools to help understand what is possible.

Urban Field was founded in order to explore new ways to practice sustainable architecture and experiment with the way we engage with the public.


Jane Lin

Urban Field is not Jane’s first business, she started a specialty soup business in downtown Oakland as a design project. Jane also teaches school aged kids architecture, exercising her ability to speak directly about the world around us.

Heidi Sokolowsky

Having grown up in Germany, Heidi often challenges our team by introducing precedents and designs for urban places that are outside the American vernacular. When she is not advocating for public spaces and connectivity, she is riding her bike or motorcycle.

Frank Fuller

Frank Fuller is our urban design yoda even though he looks like David Letterman. Frank joined Heidi and Jane at Urban Field Studio in 2015 after failing to retire. The three have been a team since 2006.